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Who We Are

Nola Labs LLC is a private company formed in Delaware to create, sell and distribute 'out-of-this-world'
works of generative art and is launching a limited edition NFT collection named XOplanets. The Nola Labs team is a combination of experts who are fascinated by 'everything outer space.' Nola Labs will fill the niche of an on-line community of people interested in otherworldly topics and unique planetary artwork.

XOplanet creators are located in Miami, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Seattle, Manchester-Great Britain, Rotterdam, and Czech Republic. The XOplanet creative talent includes Artiffine, ARsparDesign, Digital-Equation, FireCask, Go2Group and Gring Marketing Solutions.

In Honor Of 
In February 1600 Giordano Bruno, the great Italian Renaissance humanist, was dragged from his cell and within seconds, stripped of his clothes. Then, while naked and gagged he was led through condemning throngs lining the streets of Rome. 

With a torch in one hand and a portrait of Jesus in the other, one of Bruno's handler's demanded repentance. The captive abruptly turned his face from the man and one of the most profound minds in human history was burned alive. Giordano was murdered for having alleged in debate and in his writings that the Universe is infinite, that the stars were suns like our own with other planets comprising inhabited worlds like Earth orbiting around them.

Bruno's prescience is even more astonishing upon realization that almost a decade passed after his death before the first telescope was pointed skyward by Galileo: who was the first human to see the craters of the Moon, the four large moons of Jupiter, sunspots and the rings of Saturn.

Born in Nola, Italy in 1548, Giordano was assuredly the first human that knew in his heart that exoplanets existed in abundance... and was willing to die, rather than recant. 

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